A MART is a visionary rebranding initiative for Amazing Oriental (東方行), the premier Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands. This ambitious endeavour sets out to invigorate the brand's visual identity, ensuring its continued relevance amidst a rapidly evolving market landscape.
​​​​​​​My design concept revolves around the notion of "transport yourself to the bustling market of Asia." Whether catering to seasoned Asian clientele or enticing newcomers eager for an immersive cultural experience, A MART promises a gateway to the authentic allure of Asia. Embracing the warmth and familiarity of traditional Asian markets, my approach hinges on employing evocative illustrations showcasing iconic Asian cuisine and symbolic motifs. Drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of early 20th-century Chinese design brands prevalent in bustling marketplaces, our logos and typography exude a sense of heritage and authenticity, akin to the charm found in local Asian vendors and eateries.
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