Introducing It's Fureal, a delectable range of healthy, handcrafted dog treats infused with organic, natural goodness straight from Melbourne. Inspired by its creator's unique blend of lowbrow artistry, quirky artisan baking, and boundless love for his furry companion, It's Fureal embodies a whimsical yet wholesome ethos that celebrates the joy of treating our canine friends to the very best.
​​​​​​​Drawing inspiration from the heartfelt bond shared between dogs and their devoted owners, our packaging design channels the irresistible allure of human-grade delicacies. Each treat is meticulously presented in packaging that mirrors the aesthetic of gourmet human food, complete with vibrant colours, playful illustrations, and hand-drawn typography. From main courses to savoury snacks, It's Fureal packaging invites pet parents to indulge alongside their beloved companions. With It's Fureal, every treat is not just a snack—it's a testament to the unconditional love and care we lavish upon our furry family members. 
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