CASA MODERNA EXPO is an immersive event experience tailored to elevate the realm of home design in Mexico City. Over three dynamic days, this ticketed exhibition promises to unveil a curated selection of products embodying the pinnacle of contemporary design trends.
At the heart of the Casa Moderna Home Design Expo lies the mantra of "Dream and DIY," encapsulating a spirit of empowerment and creativity. Embracing a hands-on approach, I embarked on a journey to spark imagination by transforming everyday objects into whimsical symbols of possibility. Drawing inspiration from the ordinary yet essential sponge, I sculpted these versatile materials into fantastical shapes using toothpicks, inviting attendees to envision the extraordinary within the mundane. The headline typography and colour palettes were carefully crafted to mirror the vibrant hues and varied textures of our sponge creations. Through this innovative approach, I aim to inspire audiences of the CASA MODERNA EXPO to reimagine the potential of their living spaces and embark on their transformative home DIY journeys.
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